Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick DevLearn link

I've been absent from this blog not due to lack of interest, but more due to the arm injuries. As it turns out, rapidly tweeting and blogging for 3 days straight on an iPad/iPhone combo with no keyboard isn't so great for your wrists, especially if they're already injured from millinery class (it's a long story that, oddly enough, makes complete sense if you know me). So I've been keeping my wrists in braces and crossing my fingers to get better.

I'm not all the way recovered yet, but I thought it was worth writing a short comment here about the roundup of 7 recommended DevLearn backchannel resources posted today by David Kelly... a list that I somehow managed to make it on to. Glad to see the wrist injury wasn't for nothing.

Aside from my own content, though, the rest of the list is absolutely worth checking out. It's a good mix of video, blog postings, audio, and mind maps. Something for everyone, really.

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